Review – Annie’s Organic Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce

Annie's Organic Vegan Shells

Okay, so I don’t normally do food reviews around here, but as a mom of dairy free kids and a *newer* vegan, I had to review my latest grocery store find. It isn’t easy to find convenient diary free foods…
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Freelance Bootcamp #4: Contracts and Payment

Freelance Bootcamp

You’ve worked hard. You’ve come up with your ideal client, pitched prospects, applied to some gigs and finally! You’ve got someone interested in hiring you for the job. Take a moment to celebrate a little — eat some of your…
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Freelance Bootcamp #3: How to Make Your Email Application Stand Out


You could have all the right qualifications for a job, have the availability and know your perspective client’s target audience like they’re your best friend, but none of that matters if you botch your application. This can become even more…
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Freelance Bootcamp #2: Where To Find the Clients You Want

finding clients

Finding work is one of the most daunting tasks when you are self employed. Whether you’re looking to provide a service to a client or customer by writing for them, or you’re looking to sell a product, you can’t be…
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Freelance Bootcamp #1: How Knowing Your Niche Leads to Dream Clients

freelance bootcamp

Welcome to week one in the Freelance Bootcamp! I hope you’re all recovering well from your holiday festivities and you’re pumped to crush your freelancing goals. Okay, maybe you’re still processing that first (or third?) cup of coffee, but stay…
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